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511 Kh, Ayodhya Towers, Dabholkar Corner, Kolhapur,
Maharashtra, Bharat-416001


+91 9890048719, +91 9960233999




Kagal MIDC Office

Kagal MIDC Rd, Kagal 5 Star MIDC Industrial Area, Talandage,
Maharashtra, Bharat-416236


+91 9890048719, +91 9960233999

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Ashtavinayak Media and Entertainment
Ashtavinayak Media and Entertainment is a leading VFX, GFX, Web and Media Solution Provider from Western Maharashtra. Founded in 2010 and is now a energetic, fresh and vibrant team of six offering creative talent, vast experience and extremely high standards. We are serving globally through Graphics, Web, VFX, Editing and Motion Graphics.
IFAC- Institute of film and advanced cinematics
IFAC makes you work commendable comfortable at the end of the Foundation Studies which enable you achieve great placements in the Industry anytime you move in.
Ashtavinayak Foods
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Ashtavinayak Infra
Has a technical core team from various fieldas and backend support staff of more than 7 technical persons which has been recruited by the organization over the past 8 years, who have ultimately been responsible for the success and reputation of the organization.